my disclaimer

Hello Humans!
I would like to welcome you to my page!
I’ve been procrastinating this space for quite long trying to get the “right content” before you arrived but, you know what? such thing doesn’t really exist.
So here I go, with what I have and with whatever comes after. My personal journal. This is my space for self expression, love, nourish, create, contribute, forgive and be thankful.
All the ideas and the material published here are my property and authorship, unless otherwise stated.
Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I’m not. I’m obsessed with human nature, with love and the lack of love, with hearts, lights and shadows, with spirituality, with art, with animals, especially cats! with nature and our ecosystem.
I deeply believe we can be better humans and restore balance to this planet.
I am a crazy optimistic person and meanwhile I fight with my inner demons.
Hope you enjoy, and if that is not the case, please leave without making a mess.

Peace ~ Love ~ Balance ~ Respect ~ Happiness


Unless it has been otherwise stated, all material on this website is owned by Verushka Nathali and is subject to copyright and may not be used without permission. Any reproduction of the material, in whole or in part, must first contact then credited as “I am Verushka” and link to this website.